About Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto

      We are Kyoto-based nonprofit organization (NPO) operating since 1998.

We have been working to realize a multicultural society where people can live well together.  We have been creating related projects for both foreign residents in Japan and Japanese people based on the following three principles.


Fundamental Principles for a Multicultural Society

・We overcome unacceptable disparities.
・We cherish valuable diversities.

      We overcome unacceptable disparities in nationalities and languages such as information disparity, limited access to social securities, discrimination or prejudice. 

As well as seeking a guarantee of basic human rights, we cherish valuable diversities in different cultural backgrounds and identities.


Creating Systems and an Environment to Realize a Multicultural Society

・We create support systems that people can can manifest their abilities and show their true strength in their own lives.

・We create an environment where people take the initiative in their own lives.


Systems and an environment stirring up collaboration beyond differences
      Foreign residents in Japan and Japanese people influence with each other and collaborate to create a multicultural society.




Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto


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