Interpretation Services

Charge Free Intepretation Services

 ◆Medical Interpreter Dispatching Service in cooperation with Kyoto City

 We dispatches interpreters to the four disignated hospitals in Kyoto City. This service is free of charge.


◆Hirakata City Volunteer Medical Interpreter Dispatch Program

   We dispatches interpreters to the registered hospital in Hirakata City. This service is free of charge.


Multilingual Interpretation Network in Shiga Prefecture

   Free medical interpretation servise in Spanish and Portugues in three hospitals in Shiga


Fee-Based Interpretation Services

◆"KOTOSAPO" Project for Dispatching Medical Interpreters

   The Center dispatches medical interpreters to any medical institutions (mainly in Kansai e for a gereral consultation.


◆"KOTOSAPO-MAMA" Project for Dispatching Interpreters for foreign moms

  The Center dispatches authorized interpreters who have gained enough knowledge about giving a birth and child-bearing.


◆"KOTOSAPO-KOKORO" Project for Dispatching Interpreters for mentally suffered patients

  The Center dispatches experienced and authorized medical interpreters who have gained enough knowledge about mental health.


◆Other interpretation services


Translation of Administrative Documents 

  There are various forms and official documents to live in Japan.  One of our goals is to break the language barrier through translation of these documents. This is fee-based service.


◆Other Translation Services

  We offer translation services of brochures, letters, articles, questionnaires, etc. This is fee-based service.

Please feel free to contact us using “Estimate Request Sheet”.

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Automatic Translation System for Medical Interview Sheet (M3)

  M3 will help you receive proper medical treatment. You can take medical interview in your  language on the Internet before going to a hospital. Please select your symptoms in English and M3 translates them to the other languages. The results will be displayed in two different languages on your demand. Print the results and take them to a hospital or transfer to your cell-phone. This service is free of charge.



  In this site, we create and share a medical-related dictionary that contains useful words and phrases. Let's cross borders of countries and languages barriers and intercommunicate on medical treatments!

Available languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese.  You can participate  free of charge.