“KOTOSAPO” Project for Dispatch of Medical Interpreters

◆Fees for individuals

・Basic rate for Service: 5,000yen/hr

・Payment:   Individuals may be required to pay deposit in advance.


* Services are not available at late-night and on emergency cases.

Basic rate

Minimum transportation expenses for the interpreter 1,000 yen~


Cancellation Policy  

       When the user cancel the use of service according to certain reasons or the service cannot be executed in some problems occurred from the user side after the determination of the service, the cancellation charge shall be paid by the user.


Cancellation Charges (We will send you a bill if cancellation should occur. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.)

- after 17:00 of 2 business days prior to the day of the service to before 17:00 of 1 business day prior to the day of the service: 50

- after 17:00 of a day prior to the day of the service, or no information of cancel: 100% plus interpreter’s travel cost


Acceptance of Cancellation: 90017:00 Monday to Friday (not including national holidays, summer holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)