Medical Interpreter Dispatching Service collaborated with Kyoto City

In order to provide effective medical treatment and promote the health and welfare of non-Japanese speaking citizens of Kyoto, we send medical interpreters to the following hospitals in Kyoto on the specified days or upon request.


Kyoto Municipal Hospital

(1-2 Higashitakada-cho, Mibu Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto)Map
TEL: 075-311-5311  FAX: 075-311-5367

Time: 9:00〜11:00

Available language and day:

  Chinese: Tuesday & Friday *No appointment required
  English: Friday *No appointment required

  Korean:Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday *Appointment required


Transportation Guide:

 15mins. walk from Hankyu “Saiin” or Keifuku “Saiin” Station.

 Kyoto City Bus 73/75     get off at "Shiritu Byoin Mae" bus stop

 Kyoto City Bus 205     3mins walk to the east from "Nishi-Oji Gojo" bus stop.

Ijinkai Takeda Hospital

(28-1 Moriminami-cho, Ishida, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto)Map
TEL: 075-572-6331  FAX: 075-571-8877

Time: 9:00〜12:00

Available Languages and day:

          Chinese: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday *No appointment required

          English: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday *Appointment required

          Korean: Tuesday, Friday  & Saturday * Appointment required

Transportation Guide:

 12mins. walk from JR “Rokujizo” Station,

 15mins. walk from Keihan “Rokujizo” Station,

 2mins. walk from Tozai Subway line “Ishida” Station,

 or take Daigo Community Bus and get off at “Takeda Sogo Byoin Mae”


Koseikai Takeda Hospital

(841-5 Higashishiokoji-cho, Nishinotoin, Shiokoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)Map
TEL: 075-361-1351  FAX: 075-361-7602

Time: 9:00〜12:00   

Available Languages and day: Chinese, English & Korean on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
  *Appointment required

Transportation Guide:

 5mins. walk from JR/Kintetsu/Subway “Kyoto” Station Karasuma Guchi (Karasuma exit)


Kyoto Katsura Hospital

(17 Hirao-cho, Yamada, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto) Map
TEL: 075-391-5811  FAX: 075-381-4224

Time: 9:00〜11:00   

Available Languages and day:Chinese, English & Korean on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
  *Appointment required


Transportation Guide:

 10 mins. walk from “Chiyoharaguchi” bus stop

 *How to get to “Chiyoharaguchi” bus stop

 Kyoto City Bus 73 (from Kyoto Station bound for Rakusai Bus Terminal)

 Kyoto City Bus 29 (from Shijo Katasuma bound for Rakusai Bus Terminal)

 Kyoto City Bus 69 (from Nijo Station bound for Hankyu Katsura Eki Higashiguchi)

 Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus 21, 27 (from Kyoto Station bound for Katsurazaka Chuo)

 Also free shuttle-bus rides are available for those who go to the hospital from Hankyu “Katsura” Station west exit

 (pick-up place is next to the bicycle parking)


How to make an appointment for interpreter

Please contact the Interpreter Request Desk (reception desk) at participating hospitals 5 days prior to your visit.
1. Make a phone call or show the brochure at the hospital reception for appointment.
2. An interpreter will be arranged.

3. Meet an interpreter on the day of visiting.

Important NoticePlease remember that interpreters are NOT medical staffs! They will be sent ONLY for your visit. If you would like to cancel the appointment, you must inform the hospital no later than the day before your visit. If you make cancellation without any notice, we won’t be able to provide interpretation services for you in the future.