Official Members Wanted!

Foreign nationals are very welcomed!!

You are invited to be an official member of Center of Multicultural Society Kyoto!

      Valuable social activities of the Center are supported by member's passions and the membership dues. We are awaiting your entry even you can’t touch directly our activities.

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Membersip status:

Spring Member: enrollment duirng April - June → expires next June

Summer Member: enrollment during July - Sept → expires next Sept.

Autumn Member: enrollment during Oct. - December →  expires next December

Winter Member: enrollment during Jan. - March → expires next March


e.g. When you become a member May 2012, you will have the membership until the end of June 2013 as an Spring Member.



Support for Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto

     Center for Multicultural Society Kyoto is a non-profit organization to support foreign nationals living in Japan.  We offer various projects such as dispatch of medical interpreters, community support and education for cross-cultural understanding.  Those projects are supported by the members and supporters who sympathize with our principle.


Get information as a member

      The members and supporters can receive our newsletter 3 or 4 times a year.

The Center supports communities or groups who work for multicultural society.

The Center provides counseling services for volunteers who coordinate or work for foreign nationals.


Application for Membership

      Please send an e-mail expressing “Application for Membership” with your name and address.  Our e-mail address:

You will get the latest newsletter as soon as we confirm your payment.