M-Cube Multilingual Medical Questionnaire System

“What to do if I become sick in a country where I can’t communicate…..”

“How can I help her/him if a foreign patient comes to our hospital….”


Then, “M-Cube Multilingual Medical Questionnaire System” can serve as your interpreter.

We offer this system free of charge to: 


★ Healthcare professionals who are willing to provide medical questionnaire for foreign patients.

The System assists multilingualization of medical questionnaire.


★ Disaster-affected foreign people by earthquakes and Tsunami

The system multilingualizes your symptoms when you feel anxiety in your health or you get a disease.


The system can translate 1796 symptoms into seven languages - Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian and easy Japanese. Mutual translation is available among these seven languages.


◆Access on PC 

 Multilingual medical questionnaire system M-cube (web)



◆Access on smart-phones (android、iPhone)


 Multilingual medical questionnaire system M-cube (android)

 Multilingual medical questionnaire system M-cube (iOS)



◆Access at hospitals

 Multilingual medical questionnaire system M-cube (hospitals) 


M3 system can be used even in the environment with no Internet connection, because M3 does not require Internet access.

* Please use M3 with your own responsibility. The provider does not have any legal liability for the problems occurred from the use of M3 system.

※You shall be responsible at your own risk to use this system. The Provider shall not be responsible for any damages or liabilities arising from using the services. You shall be prohibited from using the services and contents of this system for any commercial purpose.