Multilingual medical questionnaire system M-cube(病院設置型)

M-Cube is a system that offers showing the direction in hospital, reception procedures, medical questionnaire and Q&A in multiple languages.

M-Cube is available at the following hospitals:

Available languages:

Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, English, Japanese and Simple Japanese 


 ・Support reception procedure
 ・Medical questionnaire
 ・Showing the direction in hospital
  ※Some hospitals may not use some of the functions.

M-Cube is now available at:
・Kyoto City Hospital, Kyoto(2007~)
・Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto(2009~)
・Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital, Kyoto(2010~)
・Tokyo University Hospital, Tokyo(2011~)

We also offer other M-Cube for patients to describe their symptons on the web and smart-phones(android, iOS)

M3 Award-Winning:
・Universal Design Grand Award, Kyoto City(December 2009)
・Barrier-free Universal Design Encouragement Award, Minister  of State for Special Missions(December 2010)